Landscape Design is Not Accidental - it is Very Intentional.

At Zerr Design, we have the experience in both landscape design and landscape construction so we intimately understand how all elements should work together. We are seasoned in Hardscape, Softscape, Water Environments and Accessory Structures. We have done it all!

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Landscape Design Makes YOUR Space YOURS

When Landscape Design is done right, everything feels harmonious and in balance. Spaces and elements work together, shape and scale fit the location, colors coordinate and it is inviting, welcoming and awe inspiring. You have experienced places like this, where everything feels RIGHT!

Getting design RIGHT takes years of experience and trial and error. Design doesn’t always happen on a computer screen or onin an office. Often, one needs to go into the space, livein the space, understand what is possible and have a wealth of experience to rely on.That experience then enlivens the Design that happens on the computer. It all flows together, creating a synergy that is evident when you see the finished product.

Landscape Design can be exciting and inspiring, simple or complex, traditional or modern, but it has to be RIGHT. Because you will inhabit the space created by the Design, you need to love it. You need to understand the different options and possibilities available to you so that YOU can decide what would work best for you and your family

Great Designers are Great Listeners.

We don’t need to brag or demonstrate how good we are, our work speaks for itself. Instead, we want to really understand YOU, and how your Landscape will impact and influence the experiences you have insideand outside your house. Outdoor Living is a huge focus for most families and COVID only reinforced the importance of having amazing spaces and places in your landscape that you can enjoy without worry.

At Zerr Design, we have the experience in both Design and Construction so we intimately understand how all elements shouldwork together. We design plans that actually work, and that are easy to build. We are seasoned in Hardscape, Softscape, Water Environments and Accessory Structures. We have done it all!

Landscapes Come To Life

Rick, Alfonso, and Alicia were great at communicating. We loved the 3D Design that made our home and landscaping come to life. They were super responsive to our changes and to my OCD. Even after completion they have been to our home many times to make adjustments, they didn’t finish and then just leave us. We have felt that our happiness was very important to Rick and team. Thank you for helping us with it dream home.
- Tom A

We know what things cost and can guide you in the design phase so that we don’t create a $1 million dollar design on a $500,000.00 or whatever your budget may be. The point is, we have decades of experience in the field and in the office and wecan coach and guide you as a Designer and Professional, an independent voice representing YOUR needs and vision.

Our Process

Isn’t it empowering when someone truly listens to you and intently seeks to understand what matters to you, or what’s important without some specific agenda or pre-planned solution?

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